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Susan Kayler

Experience as a prosecutor, defense attorney and judge makes Susan Kayler uniquely qualified to see a case from every point of view. Proving there is no stone to be left unturned, she maps her client's futures (wills, contracts, starting a business), pushes the envelope (photo radar, criminal case defense), and navigates technology minefields (privacy, surveillance and encryption.) She's handled appeals that became front page news and verbally jousted with more than one talk-show host.

At the heart of everything she does is Susan's passion for individual rights. Add technology--or anything nerdy or creative--and you have an unstoppable force. She is respected by clients and attorneys alike for her impact on photo radar practices. She is leading the pack in data privacy law and considers cryptography a hobby (think The Imitation Game). She's a visual artist with an html paintbrush.

Dragonslayer. What else fits an attorney who fights for your rights, plans your future and keeps your secrets? Bring her your challenge--whether in person, by mobile, wifi or social media--and witness the focus and skill born from knowledge, experience and a personality that won't quit.

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