Succession Planning

The Best Time to Decide the Future is Now

Handling potential future legal issues now with Succession Planning provides satisfaction that your wishes will be clearly understood. Since most of us would rather focus on living life fully, this is the perfect time to prepare the legal documents we may need in later life. In addition to a will, living will, and power of attorney Succession Planning let's you tell your family and your business partners specifically what to do in the event of an illness or need for care. Although we do not control the future, we can decide now how to respond to it.

Wills and Living Wills

A Will, Living Will and Power of Attorney are considered the basic legal documents to communicate your desires in the event of your illness or death. Don't leave it to chance or to your grieving family. These decisions are your to make now.

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Business Succession

What happens to your business in the event that you are not able to handle the day-to-day operations is up to you. Thinking about what you want your future retirement to look like helps you achieve that goal. Planning for the unexpected secures it.

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Health Care Documents

It's important to have basic health care documents like a Medical Power of Attorney, Mental Health Care Power of Attorney and Pre-hospital Medical Care Directive.

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Life Care Documents

How you want to be cared for when you reach a stage where daily activities become challenging is easier decided now. Take the time to prepare. Your family will want to know your expectations and desires.

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Family Documents

Let your family know what you want your life to look like if they need to step in and make decisions for you. Our documents let you effectively communicate -- from the smallest detail to the most important.

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Financial Records

Where are your accounts? Where would your family find your financial records? Get all the money details in order in one place and decide when and who can access it.

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A Final Word...

Your Will contains your final words to your loved ones. There are times when people need care for days, months or even years. Reviewing your resources and desires with your family is important so that if the time comes when they need to act on your behalf, they can respect and honor your wishes. Our documents go beyond a will or health care power of attorney and provide details about the decisions that families can sometimes be called upon to make. By making plans now to handle the unexpected, you can give your family the gift of peace of mind for your future.

  • Have a simple will prepared to handle your property
  • Have a health care power of attorney and living will for last illness
  • Create a succession plan for when you retire or leave your business unexpectedly
  • Have documents to specify care and treatment related to assisted living, memory care and other long-term conditions
  • Have documents directing your financial affairs if you are unable to make decisions
  • Provide for disposition of email accounts, online profiles, computers and social media accounts if you become unable to handle them.

The Kayler Law Firm is here to help you plan your life and the future of your business. We look forward to hearing from you.

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