Yada Yada

Pick a subject. Get the details. Caffeine strongly recommended.

Photo Radar

The journey from ticket to takedown.

From ASU to Stanford Law

On foot to online and still going.

Appealing Cases

Issues went up, courts said yes, clients smiled.

Prosecuting in the Cloud

Being first virtually. Being virtually free.

On the Air

News stories. Interviews. Radio. TV.

In Print

Read all about it. Literally.

Mineral Rights

Valuing the desert, including the rocks.

Leadership and Community Service

Sharing skills. Making friends.

Teaching and Speaking

Inform. Inspire. Empower.

Technology and Design

Coding is classy. Some say coding is life.


Who. What. Why. When. Where. Watching.

Connect. Get social.

Connect. Check out other sites. See social media.